Vetreria Artistica Emmedue was set out in 2003 and the skills it boasts are the result of more than 30 years experience in the most prestigious glassworks on the island of Murano. Emmedue makes all its products in its own "furnace" on Murano where master glassblowers model the incandescent material, giving it elegance, refinement and colour. The specific experience in producing and working various types of glass gained over the years makes Emmedue one of the most important companies on the Murano glass scene. This site represents part of the production of blown glass goblets and museum reproductions entirely handmade by the Emmedue master glassblowers.  All blown glass items can be made with personalised shapes and colours. From the year 2010 the glassmasters of Emmedue started with the production of sculptures of blown and solid glass, creating pieces of extraordinary beauty and quality, using the most  difficult, ancient  and  intricate techniques and secrets  of glassmaking like the “reticello” and the “zanfirico”.

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